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Welcome to Fishyleaks

What is Fishyleaks?
Fishyleaks has been created by the Our Fish campaign, which is an initiative of Funding Fish. Our Fish works to end overfishing and illegal, unreported fishing activity in EU waters. We often receive news of infringements, but lack the evidence, or the context needed to prove it or act on it. We have also been contacted by people who want to share information with us, but are concerned about how to do this securely. So we created Fishyleaks to help those to want to share information with us, in a confidential, anonymous and secure manner. To ensure you are adequately protected, please click on the following questions to learn more.

Example of video sent to Our Fish: Video made in 2014 off the coast of Scotland, showing large scale illegal discarding of small pelagic fish in contravention of the ban on high-grading (where the lowest value fish are discarded and only the highest value catches are recorded and landed)

Why send a report to Fishyleaks?
Our fisheries are a common resource that should be managed sustainably and legally to ensure healthy oceans for all. We often receive news of infringements, but lack the evidence to prove it. Can you help us expose the problems so that we can push for solutions? Share your report with us, in confidence, using our secure messaging service. Please note that when you leak or share sensitive information there are always some risks involved. Read about those risks, and our tips for addressing them below.
What are we looking for?
  • Have you spotted what you believe could be illegal or unethical activities by fishing companies?
  • Have you witnessed improper practice at sea, such as illegal discarding or high-grading?
  • Have you noticed that the catch reported as landed at port does not match what was caught at sea?
  • Have you noticed that important reports, detailing poor administration or management of the fishing industry are not being released to the public?

These are some examples of the kinds of reports Fishyleaks is looking for. Proof of these practices can help create positive systemic change in fisheries management throughout the EU.

What happens when we receive your Fishyleak?
  • We analyse the information you’ve sent
  • We will use the secure messaging system contact you and other sources to verify the content

Once verified, we may incorporate some or all of your Fishyleak into:

  • reports to national fisheries authorities, national or EU parliaments, the EU Commission or other relevant authorities;
  • material we decide to publish on and sharing the content on our social media channels
  • reports and stories we provide to national or international media
What languages can you accept?
  • We first launched with an English language website – that’s been followed by Nederlands. Deutsch and Dansk will soon follow, along with other languages.
  • However: You can submit your report in any language – so please respond to the following questionnaire in the language you are most comfortable with.
What are the potential risks & how can I protect myself?
  • If you are identified as having disclosed the leaked information, you may face civil or criminal legal action and/or experience detrimental treatment, including dismissal, by your employer as a result;
  • Fishyleaks understands that the protection of your identity is therefore of paramount importance, and whilst there are always some risks involved, there are steps you can take to minimize the risks, including:
    • Using a secure browser, such as TOR Browser
    • Only using our secure messaging service to contact us regarding your Fishyleak;
    • Using a personal or public computer and not a work computer;
    • Not discussing your intention to leak information with anyone else;
    • Not discussing the information you have submitted to Fishyleaks with anyone else;
    • Considering whether you can be identified by the information you are supplying.
  • If you would like independent advice, you can talk to whistleblowing help organisations about the potential legal implications of your disclosure. We provide a list of such organisations here.
How does Fishyleaks ensure my security & privacy?
There are a number of steps we have taken in order to minimize the risks to those who wish to send us a report:

  • We have partnered withGlobaLeaks, an open source online platform to enable secure and anonymous whistleblowing initiatives – when you submit your report, it be sent using this service;
  • We will keep your identity confidential and will not share this with anyone without your consent (unless required by law);
  • We will anonymise the information you provide us with in any reports in which it is used;
  • We offer a secure messaging system to maintain contact.
  • Fishyleaks uses the HTTPS protocol, an encryption protocol that guarantees the transfer of confidential data. For a greater level of security it is also recommended to install the Tor browser, which allows browsing of the Internet through a series of anonymous routers.
  • We do not gather any information about visitors to Fishyleaks. Please read our Privacy Policy for more details.
How do I submit a report to Fishyleaks?
Sending your report to Fishyleaks can be done in three ways:

  • Confidential: The reporter decides to identify himself; the content of your report cannot be traced or accessed by third parties.
  • Anonymous: The informant is not identified, but can dialogue anonymously with Our Fish personnel
  • Maximum security: The report is made via the Tor browser. This mode makes both the signal and the source untraceable and provides the informant the opportunity to dialogue with Our Fish both confidentially and anonymously.
Send your Fishyleak!
  1. Submit your Fishyleak via HTTPS via (confidential, and if you wish, anonymous), or
  2. For greater security, download and use Tor browser to submit your Fishyleak via http//gqcd55lw2p2pa3ccffnlownhqeyodgm3xua3y5og4n6czwzohl4iyid.onion (confidential, anonymous and untraceable)
I have already filed a report - how do I check the response?
  1. Then please use the receipt code you were given to access your Fishyleak – and our reply – via HTTPS via (confidential, and if you wish, anonymous), or
  2. For greater security, download and use Tor browser to access your Fishyleak via http//gqcd55lw2p2pa3ccffnlownhqeyodgm3xua3y5og4n6czwzohl4iyid.onion (confidential, anonymous and untraceable)